At Buford Plumbing, we're your residential and commercial plumbing service experts! Call us for fast, reliable, affordable service you can count on.

Commercial Plumbing Services

Buford Plumbing offers far more than simple repair: we provide comprehensive plumbing and design services. We can handle any and everything from basic needs to design and execution of complex mechanical systems.

NEW BUSINESSES: We provide ALL NEW commercial plumbing installation services.  We specialize in schools, churches, office buildings, banks, retail developments, all types of government buildings, grocery stores, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living centers and more!

EXISTING BUSINESSES: We provide ALL TYPES of plumbing modifications and remodels. We can handle it all!

Residential Plumbing Services

Buford Plumbing is your source for all your residential repair and installation needs, including:
  • Unstopping all types of drains 
  • Repair of plumbing fixtures 
  • Kitchen remodels and repairs
  • Stop and Repair Leaks
  • UNDERGROUND leaks 
  • Water heater replacement
  • Clearing "stopped up" toilets 
  • Sewer pipe replacements 
  • Water heater sales and installation
  • Installation of Plumbing fixtures 
  • Home plumbing modifications and additions  

Moving into a new home? WE PERFORM GAS AND PIPING SYSTEM TESTS for those who need their GAS turned ON.